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Using a smart device such as a cellphone or tablet, our Home Energy Squad® technicians will guide you through your home to identify key opportunities for efficiency improvement and energy-saving measures to be installed. We can even deliver a FREE, customized kit of energy-saving items to your home for DIY installation.

During the Virtual Visit, we may find that you could benefit from additional energy-saving products and services that we can provide during a later in-home visit.

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The Virtual Visit lasts one hour and includes:

  • Direct interaction with our technician to identify potential improvements
  • NO COST energy-saving items delivered to your home for DIY installation
  • Virtual installation support
  • Safe and reliable service from local experts
  • Follow-up virtual visit to confirm installations and help you plan next steps

Price: FREE. As an added bonus, earn $25 by installing your DIY items and completing the short follow-up virtual visit with our technicians. We will send you a $25 gift card as a thank-you for allowing us to verify your installed items during the follow-up visit.

Home Energy Squad® Eligibility
To qualify for a Virtual Visit with Home Energy Squad®:
  • You must be a residential customer of Xcel Energy in Colorado.
  • Your home must have its own electric and/or gas utility account, and must be a detached single-family home or part of a building with four or fewer units.
  • Installs offered depend on your home and the energy services you receive from Xcel Energy. For example, gas-only customers cannot receive LED bulbs and an electric-only customer with gas heated hot water cannot receive a showerhead.
Rental Property Eligibility:
Renters are eligible to participate in Home Energy Squad®. Prior approval from the property owner/landlord is required.
Other restrictions may apply.
Please call us at 303-446-7910, option 2 with any questions.
Compare Assessment Options
  1. This Item Home Energy Squad® Virtual Visit
  2. Product Home Energy Squad® Virtual Visit
    Duration 1 Hour(s)

    A Virtual Visit using a smart device to connect with one of our energy technicians and receive a custom kit of energy saving items as well as a summary report of recommendations.

    Custom kit may include:

    • LED bulbs
    • Door sweep
    • Showerhead
    • Faucet aerators
  1. Home Energy Squad® Plus Visit
  2. Product Home Energy Squad® Plus Visit
    Duration 3 Hour(s)

    Everything included in a Squad Visit, plus a home energy audit.

    The audit includes:

    • Inspection of exterior, insulation, and mechanical systems
    • Air leak analysis
    • Combustion safety test
    • Infrared imaging
    • Full summary report
  1. Home Energy Squad® Visit
  2. Product Home Energy Squad® Visit
    Duration 2 Hour(s)

    Our Energy Technicians can come to your home and help with energy saving installs.

    Installs may include:

    • LED bulbs
    • Weatherstripping
    • Showerhead
    • Faucet aerators
    • Smart Thermostat with AC Rewards enrollment