I have a conflict for my scheduled visit time, what do I need to do to reschedule my visit?

All visits must be rescheduled more than 24-hours in advance. You can reschedule in your Dashboard or call us at 303-446-7910, option 2 to speak with a representative.


What is an Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit or our “Squad Plus” visit type is a diagnostic test of your home. Our BPI-certified auditor will come to your property and perform an air leakage test on your home by hooking up a fan (Blower Door) to your front door. They will also perform a safety test on all of your HVAC equipment as per current standards, and take a look at your insulation. You will receive an audit report from one of our Energy Advisors with photos and recommendations to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.


Do I need to be home for this appointment?

Yes, someone over the age of 18 must be present during all of our visit types. If this requirement is not met your visit will be marked as a no-show.


Can I schedule a visit for more than one home?

Certainly! Each home will need to be verified with Xcel Energy service, so you can either complete the process of creating an account, completing the information, and scheduling for each home OR you can call us directly to help you schedule at 303-446-7910, option 2 for Home Energy Squad®.


I live in a building with more than 4 units, can I schedule a Home Energy Squad® visit?

It depends on how many units are in your building and what type of visit you want. We can complete Home Energy Squad® Visits with energy savings installs for buildings with up to 10 units. For a Home Energy Squad® Plus visit, however, the units must be side to side for the audit. We cannot complete an audit on a building where one unit is directly above or below another unit.

If there are more than 10 units in your building, your building likely qualifies for Xcel Energy’s Multifamily Building Program. Please call 877-287-2250 for more information about this free program for buildings with many units.


Does Home Energy Squad® install smart thermostats?

Yes we do – though we cannot guarantee installation for every type of heating system and potential wiring configuration.

  • To qualify for a free smart thermostat the following conditions must be met: 
    • Electricity service with Xcel Energy 
    • Central Air Conditioning 
    • Enrollment into Xcel Energy's AC Rewards program 
  • Customers can also purchase a smart thermostat from Xcel Energy's online store that we can install, dependent on existing wiring. Thermostat must be in original, unopened packaging for installation.

Even if the above is met, installation is never guaranteed due to specific wiring situations.    


What does Home Energy Squad® do for weatherstripping? Can you weatherstrip my sliding door?

We provide one or two types of weatherstripping that work on most wooden doors, though not all. We cannot do any weatherstripping on metal doors, sliding doors or French doors.


Can Home Energy Squad® seal my windows?

The Home Energy Squad® program does not do anything with windows or sealing windows.


What kind of light bulbs does Home Energy Squad® install? Can you replace the lights in my vaulted ceiling and replace my porch light?

We install warm white LEDs in several styles – primarily A-style, globes and candles. Due to height limitations, we cannot replace bulbs that are in vaulted ceilings or out of the reach of our technician’s 6 ft. ladder. Our program includes interior lights only, so we cannot replace exterior security lights, porch lights, etc.


Can I keep my old lighting/thermostat/showerhead?

Our technician needs to take all of the items we upgrade in your home. You are more than welcome to test all items we install before we leave but due to program guidelines everything will be removed from the home.


Can the Home Energy Squad® leave bulbs that don’t meet their install guidelines and I can install them myself?

Unfortunately, due to our program guidelines, we are unable to leave items for you to install yourself. For example, we cannot leave bulbs for a vaulted ceiling we cannot reach, or a showerhead for a bathroom you are unsure if you want to upgrade. Our technician must install everything at the time of the appointment.


I have an exceptionally large home; will you be able to finish during the appointment time?

If you have a large home, please state that when you sign up. We will do our best to install everything within the timeframe but cannot guarantee it. Rest assured that if we are unable to complete your home during the time constraints, we will schedule a time with you to come back out and finish the job.


I don’t live in the Denver-Metro area but I have Xcel Energy service and I want to schedule a Home Energy Squad® visit. What do I do?

If you live outside of our standard service area (Denver/Boulder) but have Xcel Energy for gas and/or electricity, we can still schedule a visit for your home. Please call our program line at 303-446-7910, option 2 to get scheduled. In the winter months, we do not perform visits in the Summit County or Western slope due to weather risks for the drive. If you live in these areas, we’d be happy to get you scheduled for the spring.


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